India Is On High Alert Due To Obama’s Visit


In India, United States President Barack Obama is coming on Sunday for 3 days visit. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is getting no chance, because Barack Obama is probable to be out in the open for almost 2 hours in India’s Republic Day parade. India Republic Day celebrations are exclusive and each year, one country is invited to be part of the celebrations that is a sign of friendship. Modi’s government is arranging 50,000 police force and other safety officials that near in the streets of the capital center.

Modi’s government has rushed throughout the setting up of 15,000 hdcvi cameras in move ahead of the visit of United State President Obama in New Delhi for the India Republic Day. The High Court has before asked the administration to improve and insert security cameras in the consequences of some terrorist violence and other safety violate. In this month, the Delhi police force established that they have finished the setting up of 3,932 CCTV cameras on the 85 places with edge check posts and magistrates. According to The Times Of IndiaHC chided the Centre and Delhi Police for readily agreeing to install 15,000 CCTV cameras to secure the capital for US President Barack Obama’s visit, but sitting on several court orders directing them to increase number of CCTVs across Delhi.”

The counter as well said the hd-cvi or cameras set up for President Obama’s visit that must not be detached after his leaving. Out of these 15,000 CCTV cameras about 80-100 will be establish at planned entrance points into the capital and parade location. Quality higher face-recognition algorithms the advanced cameras can recognize faces in the more public and go with them to presented photographs of illegal and terrorists in the authority record.

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