Why surveillance cameras did not catch Thief of Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar Dress?

landscape_nrm_1424968014-gettyimages_464209182In Last week, Lupita Nyong’o an actress, who wore a dress for the 87th Academy Oscars Awards which designed by the Women’s Creative manager of Calvin Klein. The dress was featured 6,000 white Akoya pearls and the price an estimated $150,000 but the dress stolen from London West Hollywood her hotel room. The question is, didn’t they have hdcvi security cameras? The answer is, yes but somehow the surveillance cameras did not grasp the guy.

The 720p security Cameras were in the hotel but failed to catch any pictures of the robber, who gone apparently without a trace. The burglary was broadly reported, exit the film and fashion world amazed with how such a precious dress had handle to catch stolen. The police started investigate the offense, but earlier than they found the robber; he secretly called TMZ and publicizes the dress had been put back in a hotel room which was under structure at the hotel. The shocking news is; the Calvin Klein gown was putted in a sink with the plastic bag and also not captured in security Cameras. The problem is, why after consigning the “perfect offense” did the man make a decision to give costly dress back? There is a completely good clarification. It turn out the guy that wrap the portion knew accurately where the 1080p security camera systems were, and for that reason threw the gown from room balcony and somebody on the ground who picked it up.

The man says he saw Lupita Oscar’s reward bag also, price is $125,000 and missing that there, but evidently did make off through the gown which, as it turn out, is really made of fake Akoya pearls and not actually worth everything close to what the previous estimation prized it at. The man also knew the where is fitted the security camera systems that is the reason Thief not catch on camera. Therefore, this is very important to put right type of 960h cameras in right places.

According to Latin Times, “The culprit who took the dress admitted he saw the actress’s Oscars gift bag, which is worth around $125k but instead went for the dress… guess he went for the wrong choice. Too bad!”

Image Source : Cosmopolitan


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