First home security camera with LTE – Panasonic’s Nubo

Panasonic's new security camera

Nowadays, Home security cameras are discreetly monitored your home and environs from practically several devices. But security cameras usually require a strong signal of Wi-Fi or hardwired Ethernet to work that is not always accessible in the positions that you would like to build up the camera. The latest $250 Panasonic’s Nubo camera deals with that difficulty direct and it is the first home security camera systems that built in the LTE networking, as a result it can be mounted practically wherever you have a cell signal.

The Nubo supports the wireless connections of 2G, 3G, and 4G and is IP-66 weather resistant used for the outdoor mounting in the hdcvi systems. It can be excess with a USB battery, and has an attractive mounting system, which is making it simple to progress from one place to another place if required. It can shoot 1080p video by way of its 140-degree broad angle lens, speaker and microphone intended for 2-way communication all the way through the camera.

The 1080p security camera systems also have LED array and an infrared detector for low-light video recording. The Nubo’s also contains SIM that works through MVNO network of Panasonic’s own in Europe that is running on the Vodafone. The service plans is starting on the $7-$10/month and also included cellular connectivity, cloud storage used for the recording Nubo capture. It has also support on the built-in Wi-Fi and microSD storage when fallbacks and can be utilized with no service plan.

App of Nubo Panasonic’s

The Nubo Panasonic’s application will work in the Android and iOS and allows you view live video, control the clips lengths of Nubo records, and observe while the Nubo camera has discover activity. The 960h camera is capable to discover people and start video recording clips of changeable lengths while it does. Those video clips are uploaded to the cloud and easy to get from everywhere. The limits of resolution to the 720p with 720p security camera systems and frame charge to 10 frames/second at what time connected to the LTE therefore as not to rapidly exhaust a limited data service plan. Maximum resolution while connected to Wi-Fi and accumulate in an SD card is 1080p at 30 frames per second.

Image Source: Panasonic’s new security camera


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I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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