What is 960H and its benefits?

960h Camera

960H is a latest standard for security camera systems and security DVR’s which offers high resolution pictures with the help of higher image sensors. Security cameras are able to make an image that is 960 horizontal and 480 vertical pixels huge (960×480). There are several benefits of using 960h.

The major benefit is the higher resolution. 960h Cameras and DVR’s able of video recording with better images that are 34% bigger than other resolution. The Recording is in higher resolution that means having bigger images. While your security system is able of recording bigger images that means a larger amount of picture detail. Pictures are sharper and it is easy to make out objects that are secure together. The cameras and 960h dvrs capable of video recording at 960H resolution that provides a wide-screen image that does not require to be extended to well wide-screen TV’s and monitors. To be exact the 960H resolution provides you and picture at ratio of 16:9.

Therefore, the upgrading to 960h security camera systems is simple, and cost effective. If you have determined to improve your older CCTV security system up to the 960H standard you can make use of the similar BNC video cabling as lesser resolution systems. That is why they may say it is cost effective, because it is cheaper than upgrading to the IP video security system. If you have security camera system and you did like to make partial upgrade, for example upgrading 2 of 4 security cameras you must keep in mind that 960h security cameras and DVR’s are backwards friendly with normal resolution cameras and 960h dvr surveillance systems.

Though, both your security cameras and security dvr should be 960H capable to find the better picture value and performance. 960H cameras will offer a good picture on a normal resolution dvr security system, but they will execute even enhanced through a system that can support the complete image size.

Video : 960H – Local Access Setup for PC


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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