Why Choose HDCVI Technology?

HDCVI TechnologyNowadays, there are many people thinking about home security, business security or office security but they cannot make a decision on a surveillance technology. HDCVI is great for everyone in need of a security camera system because hdcvi technology is smart, easy to us and high definition as well as remaining cost efficient. This technology is a type of technologies which is used in CCTV systems.

HDCVI is High Definition Composite Video Interface and is also known as high definition CCTV. With the help of hd-cvi cameras, all the people can use inventive ways of sending and receiving video signal above coax that permits for extended transmission distances, high resolution, better reliability and more pain-free completion. HDCVI is more quick and able than usual CCTV. There are some unique advantages that you will get while choosing the hd-cvi technology. Some features of hdcvi technology are given below:

Image Quality of HDCVI

HDCVI is able to produce wonderful 1280x720p resolution or 1920x1080p resolution. These megapixel hdcvi cameras exclusively send out their higher definition video signals by coaxial cable utilize unique and innovative technology. These powerful hdcvi systems proficiently send their high definition video signals all the way by coaxial cable in an uncompressed form, clean and lossless transmission.

DVR’s in HDCVI Technology

HDCVI technology uses hdcvi dvrs with some variations. There are 4 variations of hd-cvi dvrs that you can purchase such as 4-channel 720p hdcvi systems, 4-channel 1080p hdcvi systems, 8-channel 720p hdcvi systems and 8-channel 1080p hdcvi systems. Hence, there are various key features come simultaneously in work together that makes hd-cvi systems such a really amazing security camera system. Other than the internal and more delicate technologies, the 3 main hardware components that include the coaxial cables, the hdcvi DVR and the hdcvi cameras.

Thus, hdcvi technology is the best technology to protect your home and business. You can choose any security equipment that used this technology. There is IP technology for same purpose but there are many differences between hdcvi vs ip security equipments.

Video : HDCVI – Local Access Setup for PC


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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