Why You Need a 960h cameras?

Security camera systemSecurity is an important part for everyone and people wants to secure their home and business with better technology. Security camera is one of the best technologies for secure your home and business. The 960H technology is one of the best analog technologies used by many people for security. 960H cameras are the top generation of high resolution and broad screen CCTV security cameras that support 960 pixels of horizontal resolution. 960H stand for the number of horizontal pixels in the CCD image sensor and top resolution accessible for analog CCTV. These cameras are the top choice to set up with a 960H CCTV DVR because they are able to video recording at 960H resolution (960 x 480 pixels) and take benefit of the cameras widescreen set-up. There are many 960 cameras available in the market and vital to know all things about the 960h cameras as well.

960H DVR must balance the 960h cameras to understand the high resolution video. The DVR records big images, which provides a bigger amount of image information. 960H makes a broad screen picture by default and the image does not require to be stretched with the purpose of well wide-screen TVs and monitors. 960H cameras and 960H DVRs are backwards friendly with high standard resolution cameras and DVRs as well. However, security cameras and security DVR should be 960h capable to get the better picture value and performance. 960H cameras give a high-quality picture on a standard resolution DVR but they will make even improved by a system that can maintain the complete image size.

Key points of 960H cameras

There are some key points of 960h security camera systems that are very useful and helpful for who need 960 cameras.

  • 960h provides high resolution and 800+ TVL cameras for superb video clarity and quality.
  • It provides app for iPhone, app for iPad and app for Android
  • You can view and record in broad screen with remote viewing on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • It includes 24 IR LEDs for Night Vision that automatically starts when they identify low lighting situation.
  • The 960h security cameras are the indoor and outdoor weatherproof cameras.
  • It provides simple backup and archiving using USB transfer.

Other than this, the 960h dvrs brings you the most modern and great iteration of primary additions in the high resolution CCTV business. The 960H DVR is able to manage the incredible compactness of detail which is provided in the 800+ TVL cameras. With the help of 960h dvr surveillance systems you can view 4 cameras at the same time on the DVR’s on screen display.

Therefore, CCTV Camera professional always suggests 960H cameras to the consumers because these work with all presented CCTV DVRs. However, to take benefit of the better image quality you need to use 960h DVR cameras that are available in the market now.

Video: 960H – Overview of Menu and Settings


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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