How to find best features in HDCVI cameras?

hd-cvi camerasBurglary and robbery is very common in homes, stores, offices and several other places. So, it is important to protect your home, stores, and offices from it. There are lots of security devices present in market that are useful for burglary and robbery security. The security devices are burglar alarms, digital combination lock, security cameras, motion detectors, magnetic locks, biometric security system and more others. These are the best equipments for security but security camera systems are one of the best equipment. With the help of security cameras, you can protect your home, office and stores without any trouble.

There are various types of security cameras are available such as wireless cameras, hdcvi cameras, video security camera and more others. It is also important to choose the best security camera according to your needs. The hdcvi cameras are the best for home security, business security and other places security. Because, HDCVI technology is an affordable solution that permits for a more complex set up. HDCVI stands for high definition composite video interface. This is the latest technology in the security camera business that gives a different technique of transmitting video signals above the coaxial cables. This is the reason many people choose hdcvi security camera for security. The hdcvi cameras can send out HD over analog in 720p up to 500m and 1080p up to 300m. These hd-cvi cameras includes lots of unique features and available in market with reasonable price.

Features of HDCVI cameras

  • The hd-cvi cameras are able to 1280x720p (1MP) HD video recording and full 1920x1080p (2.1MP) that can shoot video in High definition video resolution.
  • These cameras are beautifully designed to bring you higher definition video and enormous part of why no other CCTV set-up stands a chance.
  • There are four variations of hd-cvi dvrs like 4-channel 720p, 8-channel 720p, 4-channel 1080p, and 8-channel 1080p.
  • The HDCVI chipset includes two vital components, transmitting chip (TX) and receiving chip (RX). The transmitting chip exists in every HDCVI camera and the hdcvi dvrs have the receiving chip.
  • The HDCVI cameras are allows to record four frame rate formats like 25fps, 30fps, 50fps and 60fps.
  • The hdcvi systems are smartphone compatible and also viewable over the internet utilizing normal web-browsers on MAC and PC.
  • You can download android app from google play store and iPhone app from app store.

Moreover, there are several features of hdcvi cameras that are also available in these security cameras. HDCVI is more smart and able than general CCTV systems. If you want to protect a grocery store, gas station, apartment building so you can buy hd-cvi systems. It will save your time, money and energy because it very easy to upgrade and simple to use. There are some differences between hdcvi vs ip cameras but these types of all factors put up to why using HDCVI. Therefore, hdcvi cameras are the best for everyone.

Video: HDCVI – Local Access Setup for PC


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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