Benefits of Installing 960h Cameras at the Home and Workplace

960h dvr surveillance systems

Home and business security are important part for everyone life. There are several security factors that protect your home and business without any problem. CCTV cameras are the best equipments that protect your home and business in better way. Security cameras come in various range with full-featured and security DVRs. There are many security cameras available that provides high resolution video. The 960h is the best high resolution cameras with an affordable cost. 960h stands for the number of horizontal pixels in the charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensor and the highest resolution for analog CCTV. 960h security cameras system is the newest generation of higher resolution and widescreen security cameras. These cameras are the best choice to set up with a 960h CCTV DVR because they are able to recording at 960h (960 x 480 pixels) resolution and take benefit of the camera’s broad screen format.

960h Cameras Benefits

Better Picture Quality: The 960h cameras images are sharp and show more information in objects and color. It also creates a big screen images that fit very well in wide-screen monitors and TV’s.

TVL Cameras and 960H DVR: The 960h dvrs is able to manage the great density of element given by the 800+ TVL cameras.

Remote and Wireless Access: You can view and record in big screen by remote viewing on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. You can download iPhone app from app store and android app from google play store.

Weatherproof cameras: These 960h security camera systems are the IP66 indoor and outdoor weatherproof cameras. The IP66 rating standard indicates that are fully dust tight as well as being capable to endure every type of storm and rain.

USB Backup: The 960h dvr surveillance systems come in 500GB hard drive. If this is not sufficient, you have the capability to increase the internal HDD to a larger one up to 3TB.

4-Channel DVR: The 960h security cameras provide 4 high resolution 800+ TVL cameras with 4-Channel DVR for superb video quality and clearness. You can view 4 security cameras at the same time on the security DVR’s on-screen display.

Moreover, 960h security cameras and DVR’s are backwards compatible with the normal resolution security cameras and security DVR’s. Every existing BNC video cables are well-matched with 960h dvr and cameras. To upgrade to 960h, you can easily change your existing cameras and DVR. There is no re-cabling work required for accessible coaxial infrastructure. It is also inexpensive upgrade path for reasonable picture development. These 960h cameras are less difficult than IP-based systems. Therefore, these are the benefits of 960h cameras so you can choose 960h camera without any trouble.

Video: 960H – Overview of Menu and Settings



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I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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