What is 960h Technology?

960h Technology960h is the new analog technology for charge coupled device (CCD) image sensors. 960h Technology is also latest standard for security cameras and DVR’s that gives higher resolution images and uses higher image sensors. 960h is the number of horizontal pixels in CCD image sensor and the maximum resolution existing for analog CCTV. Security cameras are able to make 960×480 images that are 960 horizontal pixels and 480 vertical pixels. When design a surveillance video system, these surveillance camera systems are the greatest choice to set up with 960h DVR because they are able to recording at 960 x 480 pixels resolution and take benefit of the camera’s broad screen format.

What are the advantages of 960h?

High quality: This 960h DVR brings you the modern and powerful into the higher resolution CCTV business.

High Resolution Video Recording: The 960h security cameras and DVR’s are able to recording this resolution; it provides better images that are 34% bigger than D1 and 500% larger than CIF.

Excellent Image Quality: A 960h cameras records bigger image and gives a greater quantity of image detail. Images are quick and easier to differentiate objects.

Accurate to Life: The 960h security camera systems make a wide screen picture that does not want to be stretched to fit big screen monitors and TV’s.

Easy process of Upgrade: The 960h dvrs systems use the similar BNC video cable as lesser resolution systems. If you already have a security camera, you can upgrade to 960h because it saves time and money than other cameras.

Smartphone compatible: You can view and record in big screen by remote viewing on iPhone, iPad and android devices.

Weatherproof: These cameras are completely dust proof and able to endure every kind of rain and wind. When weather conditions outer surface are working against you and can rest trouble-free.

Moreover, the 960h dvr surveillance systems are backwards compatible with normal resolution cameras and DVR’s. Though, both your cameras and DVR should be 960h able to get the better picture value and performance. 960h uses the similar technology and cable as usual security camera systems. It basically uses better security camera systems image sensors to give enhanced, more detailed images and great DVR’s to record images.


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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