Why are HDCVI cameras right for you?

HDCVI security camera systemsMost of the people have concerned about security of their home, business and other places that are important for them. So, it is important to use security gadgets that provide perfect security without any problem. These days, security camera is in high demand because it gives perfect video footage and best picture quality. There are many security cameras available in the market that offers high resolution picture quality. There is one of the best new innovations in the CCTV industry that is HDCVI. It is high definition composite video interface. HDCVI security camera systems provide high resolution 720p and 1080p with exiting coaxial cable. There are many businesses that are getting benefit from hdcvi technology because it provides high resolution and high video surveillance features at low price. HDCVI technology is very helpful to deliver HD images above coaxial cables that run without any signal loss.

HDCVI is an amazing technology designed to link the gap between accessible analog systems and more secure protection. It transmits HD data by coaxial cable and removing the need to re-establish complex analog systems to achieve HD security footage. This makes hdcvi cameras are perfect solution that is cost-effective and resourceful with real-time performance and more consistent security by high-resolution image quality. Thus, you can install and use of HDCVI to upgrade it rather than fully redesign. The hd-cvi is very advanced in terms of affordability, value, effectiveness and flexibility. Given that most customers presently own and work analog systems. The hd-cvi systems presents an economical way for the huge majority of them to improve to HD without upgrading their complete installations, delivering improved security and better peace of mind.

Additional Features of HDCVI

Long distance transmission: You are able to connect coaxial cables to your hdcvi dvrs and set your cameras up to 300m and 500m away. However, the possible for interference from the cable and fixings above longer distances that may cause some twist.

Real Time video recording: The hdcvi systems signals are transmitted uncompressed that remove latency and permits for real-time, very reliable video protection with no loss or delay. However, with the HDCVI the image is process at the hd-cvi dvrs that allows for the video recording from the camera to be view in real-time.

No Network Problems: The hd-cvi cameras are a completely digital HD CCTV system and high resolution upgrade on regular analogue units at a significantly lower price.

App for iPhone or Android: You can just download the app for android and iPhone from Google play store and app store. With the help of app you can view on your smartphone and iPhone without any problem.

Moreover, hdcvi camera is the best with unique features as compared to IP camera. You can also see the difference between hdcvi vs ip cameras. Therefore, with the help of HDCVI, large and complex installation can be upgrade to HD with small effort.


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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