Thinking of buying a security camera system? Read this first

security camera systemIf you are thinking to secure your home and business with the best security gadget but are confuse to choose which one is better security gadgets according to your needs then your problem is solved now. As, there are many security cameras available for business, home and other security purpose. Security camera is the best gadget to secure all the important assets of home and business. These security cameras are helpful when you are at home or not. There are number of ways like surveillance camera systems that can make life very easy and safe in both situations. If you are thinking to purchase a security camera for home and business security then you need to identify which one is better for your requirements.

Nowadays, hdcvi is the latest HD technology for security camera that comes in different types such as bullet cameras, dome cameras, wireless cameras, wired cameras, spy cameras and some others. The best thing in hdcvi cameras is that it can apply for both coax cable and cat5 network cable to send the signal.  This is the similar type of cable that used in lots of older analog security systems.  So, this builds a simple transition for upgrade older analog security camera. This is also a huge savings if you do not have to change all cables. The other advantages of using hdcvi cameras are that you can run the cable at bigger distances for other HD security systems.   If you are searching a great image quality security camera with an affordable price then hd-cvi security cameras are the great options to choose.

Advantages of HDCVI cameras

HDCVI Camera Resolutions: There are different types of CMOS and CCD sensors hdcvi systems available in the market.  There are lots of manufacturers offer wide verities in hdcvi camera with both 720p and 1080p cameras resolution.  So, customers can choose according to their budget and needs.

HDCVI Infrared Cameras: The lens is in the middle at front of hd-cvi cameras and it frequently has infrared LED’s in the region of the lens. The more Infrared security camera includes the better night vision.  There are many power of infrared LED’s and bigger of an area which will be lit up.

HDCVI Camera app: Today, the apps available for android phone and iPhone. It is free of cost to download and presented on the App Store and Google Play Store. The hdcvi dvrs comes with a QR-code for a quick and easy plug-and-play setup for remote viewing on smartphone. You can just scan the code into the app and start viewing directly.

HDCVI Day/Night Cameras: Most of the hd-cvi systems are day/night security cameras thus they are color by day and black & white at night.  Under the low light situation the infrared LED’s light up and the camera will change to black and white nighttime mode.

HDCVI Camera Lens types: The hd-cvi cameras lens can come in various focal lengths.  Broad angle lenses are very popular and they come normally in the 3.6mm or 4mm.  If you want closer or zoomed in vision the lens then it comes in 6mm, 8mm, 12mm and also longer zoom lengths. When you set up the cameras, you can change and focus the camera for the inspection that you want.  There are also powered zoom cameras that can be manage from the hd-cvi dvrs systems.

Moreover, there are some people uses IP cameras and some others cameras. But, there are some differences between hdcvi vs ip security cameras so you can read it and identify which one is better according to features.


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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