960h Security Camera – An In Depth Analysis on What Works

960h Security CameraNowadays, surveillance camera is on high demand because it protects all important assets with appropriate manner. Most of the business and home owners use these cameras for their home and business protection. There are lots of security cameras available in the market with high reliability and better excellence. Anyone can choose security cameras according to their needs. These security camera systems include lots of unique features and available at reasonable cost. There are some cameras that are best for home and business use. 960h security camera is the latest addition in CCTV industry that is available with high resolution picture quality. Most of the people choose 960h security cameras because it’s excellent features. There are some analysis of 960h security camera that are useful when you buying it.

Better Display

If you want better picture quality on your CCTV camera installed at home or business then you should prefer 960h camera. There are some features of 960h security cameras that discussed below:

  • 960h High Resolution: 960h is an advance resolution for cameras and DVRs that provides bigger and more detailed higher quality video at 34% increase above D1 resolution.
  • Accurate Broad Screen Images: 960h security cameras system offers broad screen images by default. So, you can get images with clear screen and excellence quality.
  • Digital Zoom: The 960h security camera systems provide features of digital zoom that allows you to get a quicker view of live and recorded video.

Innovative Recording knowledge

This 960h dvrs includes standard recording mode and the latest smart recording system. The latest quick recording handles disc space by detecting motion events and only use the essential space required for recording.

  • True 30 FPS (Frames Per Second) Recording: This 960h dvr surveillance systems records at a established real time 30 FPS that allows fully smooth playback ensure each detail is captured.
  • Continuous recording time: These 960h security camera records 144 hours at top resolution, +30 days using small resolution and motion detection.
  • Records at highest resolution: The 960h cameras supports up to 4TB hard drive for 24 days that continuous recording at the high resolution.

Smartphone Compatible

There are all 960h surveillance camera systems accessible from anywhere in the world with free of charge by apple or android devices app. You can view and record in big screen with remote viewing on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

  • iPhone and iPad Devices: If you are using iPhone and iPad devices then you can download app from app store and view in widescreen.
  • Android Devices: If you are using android device then you can download app from Google play store and view in widescreen.

Thus, you can use 960h security camera system without any problem because it includes lots of features and reliability. Anyone can choose 960h cameras for their home and business.


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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