Things You Don’t Know About High Definition Composite Video Interface

High Definition Composite Video InterfaceNowadays, technology is increasing very fast in every part of the life. Most of the people take benefits of technology for their home, business and other important assets. It is really difficult to find right technology these days that gives all in one benefits. Most of the people want security for their all important asset because crime, burglary, theft, robbery and some other wrong things increasing day by day. There are various technologies for security purpose that improves security of home, business and offices. A security camera is one of the best technology that improves security with various benefits. There are numerous security cameras that are useful and beneficial for home and business security.

What is HDCVI? 

HDCVI stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface; it is the latest technology in security cameras industry that offers an advance technique of transmitting video signals above coaxial cables. The demand of high-definition surveillance has continuous to drive improvement into more professional HD Analog formats and to drive down prices quickly that accelerates development of the HD Analog surveillance type. The hd-cvi cameras send out video in a new technique; this will need an hdcvi dvrs that will maintain this new type of transmission. The hdcvi dvrs are also backward well-suited so you can use your old surveillance cameras while add up new HD cameras to your existing set up.

What are the benefits of using HDCVI?

It is not enough for an innovative latest technology to suggest development over an earlier one but it has to be realistic and economically realistic as well. There is one of the best benefits of selecting hdcvi technology that place is its backwards compatibility with grown-up systems. It has been considered to work with the similar coaxial cable that has possible already been laid out by preceding CCTV setups. This compatibility not just saves money but also saves time and effort. It builds it that much simple to improve older systems to hdcvi cameras in a painless and smooth manner.

What are the features included in HDCVI?

The hd-cvi cameras are wonderfully designed to provide the higher definition video and that no other closed-circuit system stands a possibility. These cameras provide 1MP that is able to produce 1280x720p HD recording and 2.1MP that is able to produce Full 1920x1080p HD resolution. They have the flexibility to change between higher definition and typical definition to assure storage needs. Every hdcvi systems come with built-in IR LEDs that automatically identify light surroundings and can shoot at nighttime or identify motion. This is also include features of weather-resistance rating so you can select to place them indoors or outside based on your preference or requirement.

What are the latest features in HDCVI?

The hd-cvi systems include the transmitting chip that is TX and use the similar audio, video and configuration interfaces as the receiving chip that is RX in the hd-cvi dvrs system. The HDCVI specification permits these cameras to record at 4 frame rate formats such as 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, and 60fps. These cameras provide app for iPhone or Android devices that is available on the App Store and Play Store respectively with free of cost to download.


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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