Compare 720p and 1080p Security camera Before Choosing One

720p and 1080p security cameras systemsNowadays, the modern market of video surveillance systems provides the broad varieties of security equipment and solution that built with different technologies high definition features and better video quality. There are lots of security equipments like CCTV, alarm system and some others. All of these equipment are different that includes its own advantages and disadvantages. No wonder, it is difficult to select the one tech that accords to an advantageous balance of sot-reliability-quality-simplicity. It will meet the exact requirements of a consumer in broad variety of technologies. These security equipments provide high definition camera with best resolution and picture quality. These days, 720p and 1080p security camera are in huge demand because it contains lots of security features.

High Definition 720p and 1080p Cameras

720p and 1080p are high-definition resolutions and the “p” means “progressive scanning.” These are the best security camera systems that give high resolution, long distance and cost effective HD video transmission. The signal is transmitted uncompressed; which decreases latency and allow for real-time, reliable video security without any loss or delay. Moreover, both security systems are smartphone friendly for Android and iPhone devices. There are some major differences between 720p and 1080p cameras that are below:

  • 720p provides 1280×720 pixels, where 1280 stand for the number of horizontal pixels and 720 is the number of vertical pixels. Similarly, 1080 provides 1920×1080 pixels, where 1920 represents the number of horizontal pixels and 1080 represents the number of vertical pixels.
  • The 1080p security camera systems resolution brings 2.1 MP quality but 720p security camera systems resolution brings 1.0 MP quality.
  • 1080p security cameras allow longer distance and cost effective video transmission up to 984ft that is able to 300m but 720p security cameras allows up to 1640ft that is able to 500m.

Moreover, both security cameras are the best technique for home and business owners to check family, employee’s activities and keep safe from wrong activity. There are several features and differences includes in these cameras so anyone can choose according to their need. There are various places like home, office, bank, restaurant, malls, retail store, where you can install these cameras. These surveillance camera systems secure the place with appropriate manner. It is essential to take guidance from experienced security adviser; they will recommend you the most brilliant security system that fits best according to requirements.


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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