720p vs. 1080p security cameras: What’s The Difference?

720p camerasNowadays, Security cameras play a vital role in our life. There are some different resolutions available in the marketplace such as 720p and 1080p. These types of security cameras are available with wide varieties of features. Both cameras are available in 4-Channel and 8-Channel DVR. 720p and 1080p security cameras include the best features with some differences. The comparison between 720p and 1080p security cameras is given below:

Transmission Speed

These types of security camera provide same transmission speed. They provide 30fps real-time uncompressed transmission speed.

Signal Transmit Distance

Signal transmit distance of 1080p security camera systems is Up to 1,640ft. But, signal transmit distance of 720p security systems is Up to 984ft.

Backwards Compatibility

1080p security cameras and 720p security camera systems include single coax cable send out audio, video and controls.


720p security cameras and 1080p security cameras are weatherproofing. Both cameras are IP66 Indoor/Outdoor big duty metal enduring security camera systems.

Night Vision and FOV

There is no difference between night vision of 720p and 1080p cameras. Night vision and FOV is Up to 65ft IR-LED Night Vision, broad 75° screening angle in both cameras.

Nonstop Recording Time

These cameras provide nonstop recording time. 360 Hours at maximum Resolution, 30-50+ Days utilizing minor resolutions and movement detection.

Therefore, both types of cameras are best in features and provide more similar features. So, choose according to your needs.


About Tom Smith

I am a security expert with many years experience in hdcvi consulting and personal security contracting. I have recommended many security camera systems to 100′s of individuals and businesses.
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